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January 2018, Catch up with Leo as she MC’s the 3rd Graduating Cohort for the Pork Meat Cutting Trades Certificate in Sandy Bay Ojibway First Nation.

Celebrate with Leo as she launches An Inner Travel Guide, 37 Card Deck based on the Medicine Wheel Concept with Dempsey Distributing in Burnaby, British Columbia.

February 2018, Follow up on the new release of Wisdom Cards available through Dempsey Distributing, Radiance on Corydon in Winnipeg, Shakti on Osborne in Winnipeg, Heaven Scent in Gimli and Flow Yoga in Winnipeg Beach.

Find Leo in the Florida Keys where she is working on a new series of projects.

March 2018, Look for Leo’s latest inspiring work Happiness and the Fibonacci Principle.

April 2018, Track Leo as she delivers Balanced Lifestyle based on the Medicine Wheel Concept as a pre-employment job readiness program.

Follow Leo on her blog as she goes through the steps of achieving a personal and professional balance.

Leo Sawicki