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November 2016, Catch sight of Leo in a recording studio as she records a collection of 50 Native Children's Short Stories for Kindle.

December 2016, Track down Leo in Sandy Bay First Nation as she facilitates the Balanced Lifestyle program as a pre employment readiness course and a precursor for Women in the Trades Training.

January, 2017, First thing in the New Year find Leo in Gearldton, Ontario at the Thunderbird Friendship Center facilitating Balanced Lifestyle, based on the Medicine Wheel Concept workshop. Stand by as she launches a new set of Teaching Cards drawn from An Inner Travel Guide based on the Medicine Wheel Concept.

February, 2017, Check in on Leo to find out why she loves doing what she does and how she maintains her calm clarity and personal balance.

March, 2017, See what Leo is up to as she follows her calling to facilitate knowledge that adds to the quality of life and the environment and discover what new initiatives she is working on.

April, 2017, Catch up with Leo in Sandy Bay First Nation where she delivers Balanced Lifestyle, based on the Medicine Wheel Concept, as a job readiness program for ASETS clients.

Follow Leo on her blog as she goes through the steps of achieving a personal and professional balance.

Leo Sawicki