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June 2017, Listen in on Leo recording children’s short stories at Dragon Fly Recording Studio.
Check in on the development of Balanced Lifestyle as a self-help App based on the Medicine Wheel Concept.

July 2017, Find out why the two-day Inner Travel Guide Workshop is the first choice for staff development.
Check in on Leo in as she facilitates the Balanced Lifestyle program based on the Medicine Wheel Concept for Job Readiness with Sandy Bay First Nation Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy.

August 2017, Visit Leo in Winnipeg Beach where she develops a funding proposal to upgrade an existing structure that will see on-going training in carpentry delivered in a community. Sit in on a Balanced Lifestyle refresher on the Beach.

September 2017, Check out Leo's Inner Travel Guide Deck of Cards based on the Medicine Wheel Concept on Amazon designed to provide wisdom into the natural laws that govern all people.

October 2017, Listen in on Leo as a guest Speaker at the Teachers SAG conference in Winnipeg Manitoba.

November 2017, Look in on the delivery of Balanced Lifestyle based on the Medicine Wheel Concept as a pre-employment job readiness program for people entering into the Trades.

December 2017, Follow Leo to the Florida Keys where she is collaborating on the next new initiative.

Follow Leo on her blog as she goes through the steps of achieving a personal and professional balance.

Leo Sawicki