About Leo Sawicki

Born in Ontario and raised in a remote northern mining town in Thompson, Manitoba meant finding mentors such as Socrates, Plato, Einstein and Shakespeare as constant companions. It was during this time Leo was drawn to a quantum vision that all of life’s forces are interdependent and interrelated. As her studies in consciousness, education and communication grew she went on to incorporate a communication design studio and become a federally certified educational institution from 1991-2006.

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As a contemporary communicator Leo writes children’s literature including comic books, coloring books and collections of short stories that explain a wide range of different aspects of life and lessons associated with learning.

Leo operates from her studio in Gimli, Manitoba in the summer where she delivers management workshops, develops programs, and works in area of sustainable community development.

Credentials and Collective Works

Canadian Author, Management Consultant, and Program Developer, Leo Sawicki has worked with First Nation Organizations and Communities since 1978. Recipient of two Communication Awards of Excellence by the Paul Phalen Perry Advertising in Winnipeg and selected as a contributing author to the Manitoba Multicultural Anthology Series, Leo is a Creative Communications Graduate from Red River College in Winnipeg Manitoba and is a graduate of Arts Administration from Banff School of Management in Alberta.

Her professional interests center around Education and human resource development skills which leads to working with Boards, Committees and Program Managers in sustainable community development and personal and professional management training.

Leo is the author of the original works including Achieving a Balance, Balanced Lifestyle, Seekers of Dreamtime, Anytime Stories and Anywhere Stories.


Leo’s personal interest in higher fields of consciousness is further fueled by being a student of tradition and culture and influenced by traditional teachings of the Cree and the Ojibway. Her keen interest in thought process and energy fields extends from Quantum Mechanics and Physics to Language, Communication and Crystal Light Therapies. Her work with the medicine wheel concept explores the realm of Thought, Spirituality and Life and provides tools to synchronize rhythm, stay in motion and adapt to continual change while remaining grounded in the present.

Her purpose is to facilitate knowledge that adds to the quality of life and raises the level of consciousness for all people.