4th Moon

Written on November 8, 2014 at 1:00 pm, by Leo Sawicki


A Time to Plant and Nurture

Each quartering of the Medicine Wheel brings change and greater knowledge.

With longer daylight hours in the northern Hemisphere the earth’s energy fields increase. The frost begins to leave the ground and birds return. Spring is a time to transplant seeds into fertile ground.

Pay attention to the conditions in your environment. Like seeds, different thoughts are planted at different times under different conditions.

When a person nurtures a thought and returns to it often there is greater possibility for that thought to manifest.

When your field of intention is clear you are ready for new thoughts to be planted. Always plant seeds of good intention and that you are passionate about. This will connect you with a greater sense of self and your place in the world.

Remember to only plant that which you would like more of and to protect your thinking from outside demands.

By giving daily attention and care to your thoughts you feed and nurture your dreams and your consciousness grows.

When you nurture your thoughts you enhance the ability to learn, change and pass on knowledge to the next generation.

In addition to determination, nurturing sometimes requires further education and training for personal experiences to grow.

Plant seeds of hope for good things to come. Nurture your soul with things that are beneficial .

3rd Moon

Written on October 5, 2014 at 1:00 pm, by Leo Sawicki


As you journey around the Medicine Wheel Concept MARCH is a time to Prepare and Clear.

The full moon in March brings longer day light hours. Earth begins to thaw and new life force comes into being.

March is a time to select the seeds of intention you will plant as you move within the seasons of the Medicine Wheel.

In the natural growing season, it is a time to start new shoots to transplant and prepare the ground for seeds to flourish. Just as a farmer removes rocks, stumps and things that will get in the way of the crops you too must prepare the ground for your dreams to manifest.

Put supports in place to facilitate your personal growth.

Be crystal clear for what you would like in each area of your life.

Only allow thoughts that will enhance your life and the lives of others.

Gently eliminate energy streams that slow you down and get in the way.

Begin by disengaging from internal chatter and external debris.

As you prepare the ground to create the reality you wish to experience ensure your environment is rich and fertile.

Be passionate about your desires and tend to your own garden if you wish good things to grow.

Note that the ease and grace in which your life flows is an indicator that you are aligned with your true purpose and the natural order of things.

Only you can prepare and clear a path that makes life worth living.

2nd Moon

Written on September 9, 2014 at 10:27 am, by Leo Sawicki

FEBRUARY Rest and Renewal

As a person travels around the Medicine Wheel they notice that just as energy within each moon cycle waxes (increases) and wanes (decreases) thoughts also have a burst of activity followed by a time of rest and renewal.

The full moon in February signals a time to clear cellular memory fields and make room for new thoughts to evolve.

Colder temperatures and shorter day light hours allows the soil to rest and build up nutrients. These nutrients are the experiences and events from last year which become lessons that enrich your life.

Resting relaxes the nervous systems and allows your organs to repair and function at optimal levels.

As you rest, entertain new ideas that will enhance your well being. Be open to intuitive guidance. Listen to your thoughts and language.

Renewal serves to create a higher vision. As you imagine your future self remember to stay in your own story and allow your inner most thoughts to keep you on a path of well being.

Open yourself to new possibilities and you will vibrate at a higher frequency with more peaceful results.

The act of rest and renewal keeps a balance in your world.

Stand still and feel your Spirit soar.

1st Moon

Written on August 3, 2014 at 4:29 pm, by Leo Sawicki


January Drift and Dream

In addition to serving as a tool for personal growth, the Medicine Wheel Concept is also a calendar in which the quality of one’s life is enriched by observing the Moon. By applying this knowledge a person gains insight into how thought evolves in relation to natural growth cycles and sees that each moon signals’ a change of activity.

Just as the earth regenerates itself January is a time for you to drift and dream as you identify what new wisdom has been gained in the past year. Think of your experiences as nutrients that enrich the soil in which future seeds of thought will grow.

During this process of enlightenment consider ways you can apply this wisdom in the present to create new opportunities for the future.

To drift and dream requires going into the silence and only holding thoughts that inspire you. Inspired thought allows access to inner awareness and helps you to expand the purpose of your soul’s journey.

Drifting involves removing imaginary lines and exploring new thoughts and possibilities. It is always present focused and future oriented.

Dreaming is tapping into higher fields of consciousness that lead to self transformation. When you follow the path of Spirit your dreams guide you and nourish your soul.

Remember, the world is created by dreamers.


Written on July 11, 2014 at 9:21 am, by Leo Sawicki

North in the Medicine Wheel concept represents the Winter of one’s life and approximately the age of 70 plus. As you move around the wheel your role becomes an Elder and Spiritual Advisor.

The North is also the place of Air and the place of the mind. Sitting in the North on your wheel a greater understanding of nature and life cycles become clear.

For those who have lived their life in a good way, the North is a place of being grateful for life’s journey and a time of enjoying every moment of the day.

The North is also a place for preparing for change. The stones of cleansing, purity and renewal serve
as reminders for the next part of the journey. The journey where you can take nothing with you and you leave this world just as you came.

The Medicine Wheel Concept serves as a road map. It identifies places to reflect upon and paths you can walk to have a good life.

To sit in the North of the wheel is to cherish every day. It is a place of knowing the rhythm of the seasons and of understanding the cycle of life.

It is a time of cleansing and release. A time of purity and returning to a child like state.

It is also a time in your life for renewal. Know that each day brings an opportunity to be grateful in many ways.

Take a moment to look within.

Is there any unfinished business that you would like to make right?

Identify the legacy you will leave for future generations.

Maintain a journal of your journey.

Always walk in beauty.


Written on June 2, 2014 at 12:24 pm, by Leo Sawicki


In the Medicine Wheel Concept the West represents the Autumn of a persons’ life, generally from ages 55 to 75. As one journeys around the Wheel, it is the place where the traveler harvests what was planted in the East as a youth and what has grown in the South as an adolescent.

In the Elemental Kingdom the West also represents Earth and reminds you that by caring for the earth you are conscious of how your choices affect life on this planet. As an Adult you understand how your thoughts create your reality and the outcome of your life is based on the choices you make.

With each quartering of the Wheel comes change in roles, responsibilities and behavior. In the West of your Wheel realize the quality of your life is based on the level of service and support you have provided others. If you nurtured good relations you will be surrounded by family and friends. If you pursued special interests you can share your knowledge and understanding. If you set goals and accomplished them you will reap the rewards.

Sitting in the West of your Wheel reveals how experience and introspection provides insight and the strength to be who you wish to be and to do what you love to do. Often the role in the West is that of a teacher and decision maker.

As technology takes us beyond our Grandparents world and makes us global citizens who buy, sell and trade internationally, our language and cultures are changing. Old systems and structures are giving way to new. We are drawing upon the strengths of the past and adapting and creating as we go.

Spend some time in the West of your wheel. Think of the things that have given you strength. How can you support others on some part of their journey?


Written on May 2, 2014 at 8:13 pm, by Leo Sawicki

In the Medicine Wheel Concept the South is the place of adolescence, or the summer of your life. This is generally between 30 and 50 years of age.

It is also a place of great Spiritual, Emotional, Intellectual and Physical Growth. Whatever you have planted is now in full growth.

The element of water is found in the South of your wheel. By studying water you learn that all things are your teacher. Water shows you how you can flow over, under or around what ever comes your way.

The summer of your life is a beehive of activity filled with family and friends. It is a time of high energy and great output. A time of pursuing dreams and watching them grow. A time of building good relations.

The South holds the stones of Love or Respect, Growth and Truth. Embrace these in all aspects of your life and your journey will be filled with adventure and delight.

As your coping skills grow you gain control in different areas of your life. Your thoughts, words, and actions become more considerate. Your patience and your compassion increase.

Responsibilities increase and roles begin to change as you move into being a protector and a provider. You realize that nothing stays the same and your world view increases.

Look to the South of your wheel as a place of good foundation. A place where you learn, practice and excel.

What new skills can you introduce into your lifestyle? What can you specialize in to increase the nature of your services? In what ways can you offer more to your family, your job and your community? How can you be an active participant in the world around you?

What will you do to develop your own potential and take responsibility for personal growth?


Written on April 4, 2014 at 5:23 pm, by Leo Sawicki

The four directions in the Medicine Wheel Concept represent the elemental kingdom and reflect your journey around the wheel of life.

The East in the Medicine Wheel Concept represents the spring of your life. It is the place where the sun rises and the element of fire lights your way.

The first few years you learn how to communicate and become self sufficient. Your character starts to form. You come to adopt the values, rules and beliefs of the unit you are born into. Approximately the first 29 years of your life is spent learning how to fit in.

During these youthful years you broaden your sense of self and expand your concept of your environment. You know what you like and don’t like. You question other’s thoughts and why things are done a certain way.

Your thinking evolves and you try new things.

As you plant new seeds your interests begin to take shape. Your skills and abilities grow. Your self confidence increases. These are prime child bearing years and your seeds continue to be planted.

The East teaches us that each new day is an opportunity to begin fresh. The East holds the path of enlightenment and stone of communication that leads to wisdom.

When wisdom takes hold illumination follows. The East doorway teaches us to only hold thoughts we are prepared to act on in a good way.

Take a personal inventory.

Are there aspects of your life that would benefit from a new beginning?

List these in one column.

Next to each area identify what you will do differently and how you will help your ideas grow.


Written on March 3, 2014 at 7:48 am, by Leo Sawicki

To illuminate is to shed light upon. Illumination can occur at the beginning or the end of a lesson or learning cycle.

Illumination sits in the East of the Medicine Wheel Concept and helps you to look at your life knowing what you think has the power to manifest.

While Illumination can occur spontaneously it often follows Communication and Wisdom.

Illumination occurs moment to moment. Anytime you sense, see, listen, taste, smell or touch you learn something new.

Illumination is the process that makes the circumstance of the lesson associated with learning clear.

Illumination is knowing that words create reality. Words like, “I am calm” slow you down. Simple one word commands such as ‘concentrate’ helps you to focus.

When it comes to Illumination, a quiet mind helps to envision where you wish to go and what is required.

Illumination is supported by an ability to combine steps such as reality mapping and intuitive decision making. Detection and counter measures are included in determining the outcome of your life as is the ability to apply security measures to the home, work place and information in your mind.

Illumination is mapped within the scope of your belief system and built on faith and higher order.

Identify areas of your life that will benefit from greater understanding or illumination. Understand that life is a process of change. See your self
performing new skills and achieving your goals with winning perfection.

You are always on the path of Illumination or new understanding. This includes new language and new ways of thought.

Look at your life journey so far. What areas of your life will benefit from illumination?


Written on February 5, 2014 at 7:07 am, by Leo Sawicki

While wisdom can be earned often you have a built in early warning system and know the difference between right and wrong.

You are born into wisdom at a cellular level.

Your body automatically go about creating life.

You quickly adapt to a fight or flight instinct as your
environment and experiences shape who you are.

In the Medicine Wheel Concept there are Seven Spirits that gave seven gifts or teachings to guide the traveler.

The first gift is to honor all Creation and have respect.

The second is to know love you will know peace.

The third is that of humility and knowing self as a scared part of creation.

The fourth is to face your foe with integrity.

The fifth is to cherish knowledge and know wisdom.

The sixth is honesty and to face all situations.

The seventh is to walk in truth, know all these things, and live by them.

These simple steps help to walk in balance.

There is wisdom in anchoring your thoughts in the present which is the only place in time where change can happen. Present focus is a place of healthy
interaction with your environment.

For many, the ability to function purely in the here and now is a gift. It takes right effort to maintain this level of consciousness.

Apply wisdom to all aspects of your life and be clear on your purpose. Cultivate an ability to work with humor. It is among the best Medicine.

Look within. What type of wisdom do you admire and would like to have?

What areas of your life will benefit from greater wisdom?

Is it personal, financial, physical, emotional, or spiritual?

Make a plan for how you will obtain wisdom in these areas of your life.