Written on April 4, 2014 at 5:23 pm, by Leo Sawicki

The four directions in the Medicine Wheel Concept represent the elemental kingdom and reflect your journey around the wheel of life.

The East in the Medicine Wheel Concept represents the spring of your life. It is the place where the sun rises and the element of fire lights your way.

The first few years you learn how to communicate and become self sufficient. Your character starts to form. You come to adopt the values, rules and beliefs of the unit you are born into. Approximately the first 29 years of your life is spent learning how to fit in.

During these youthful years you broaden your sense of self and expand your concept of your environment. You know what you like and don’t like. You question other’s thoughts and why things are done a certain way.

Your thinking evolves and you try new things.

As you plant new seeds your interests begin to take shape. Your skills and abilities grow. Your self confidence increases. These are prime child bearing years and your seeds continue to be planted.

The East teaches us that each new day is an opportunity to begin fresh. The East holds the path of enlightenment and stone of communication that leads to wisdom.

When wisdom takes hold illumination follows. The East doorway teaches us to only hold thoughts we are prepared to act on in a good way.

Take a personal inventory.

Are there aspects of your life that would benefit from a new beginning?

List these in one column.

Next to each area identify what you will do differently and how you will help your ideas grow.


Written on March 3, 2014 at 7:48 am, by Leo Sawicki

To illuminate is to shed light upon. Illumination can occur at the beginning or the end of a lesson or learning cycle.

Illumination sits in the East of the Medicine Wheel Concept and helps you to look at your life knowing what you think has the power to manifest.

While Illumination can occur spontaneously it often follows Communication and Wisdom.

Illumination occurs moment to moment. Anytime you sense, see, listen, taste, smell or touch you learn something new.

Illumination is the process that makes the circumstance of the lesson associated with learning clear.

Illumination is knowing that words create reality. Words like, “I am calm” slow you down. Simple one word commands such as ‘concentrate’ helps you to focus.

When it comes to Illumination, a quiet mind helps to envision where you wish to go and what is required.

Illumination is supported by an ability to combine steps such as reality mapping and intuitive decision making. Detection and counter measures are included in determining the outcome of your life as is the ability to apply security measures to the home, work place and information in your mind.

Illumination is mapped within the scope of your belief system and built on faith and higher order.

Identify areas of your life that will benefit from greater understanding or illumination. Understand that life is a process of change. See your self
performing new skills and achieving your goals with winning perfection.

You are always on the path of Illumination or new understanding. This includes new language and new ways of thought.

Look at your life journey so far. What areas of your life will benefit from illumination?


Written on February 5, 2014 at 7:07 am, by Leo Sawicki

While wisdom can be earned often you have a built in early warning system and know the difference between right and wrong.

You are born into wisdom at a cellular level.

Your body automatically go about creating life.

You quickly adapt to a fight or flight instinct as your
environment and experiences shape who you are.

In the Medicine Wheel Concept there are Seven Spirits that gave seven gifts or teachings to guide the traveler.

The first gift is to honor all Creation and have respect.

The second is to know love you will know peace.

The third is that of humility and knowing self as a scared part of creation.

The fourth is to face your foe with integrity.

The fifth is to cherish knowledge and know wisdom.

The sixth is honesty and to face all situations.

The seventh is to walk in truth, know all these things, and live by them.

These simple steps help to walk in balance.

There is wisdom in anchoring your thoughts in the present which is the only place in time where change can happen. Present focus is a place of healthy
interaction with your environment.

For many, the ability to function purely in the here and now is a gift. It takes right effort to maintain this level of consciousness.

Apply wisdom to all aspects of your life and be clear on your purpose. Cultivate an ability to work with humor. It is among the best Medicine.

Look within. What type of wisdom do you admire and would like to have?

What areas of your life will benefit from greater wisdom?

Is it personal, financial, physical, emotional, or spiritual?

Make a plan for how you will obtain wisdom in these areas of your life.


Written on January 6, 2014 at 9:43 am, by Leo Sawicki

Good communication skills begin within. They start with the art of listening.

There are many levels of communication coming into your field daily from the morning news on TV to the radio station on the drive in to the magazines and news papers when you arrive at work. Everywhere someone is communicating something.

At a personal level, how you dress, what you say and the way you live communicates a lot about you.

Even non-verbals enter into play. The way you hold your head, what you do with your hands and even how you stand tells the observer something.

When it comes to verbal communication words are like music and carry a certain frequency. You prefer certain sound waves or radio stations over others. Words have the same affect.

Words also have a cellular memory field.  For example, someone said something to you a year ago and you still remember their words.

When you are able to speak your truth simply and from your own perspective you will have mastered a higher level of communication versus merely responding and mirroring what another is saying.

Speaking in a gracious manner and respectful way increases the likelihood of what you are saying will register with the receiver. Kind words increase the possibility of a receiving a softer response.

Begin with saying words of praise, speaking words of encouragement and showing thoughtful actions towards others. By pointing out the talents or gifts of others you are developing your communication skills.

Identify ways you would like to become better at communicating. Look at your personal relations. Your work environment and your community.

Would a new hair cut or wardrobe be helpful? Could you join toastmasters and practice public speaking? Can you spend quality time with your family?

Identify areas of Communication you can become more skilled in. Now make a commitment in each area that will help you build the skills you desire.


Written on December 8, 2013 at 6:20 pm, by Leo Sawicki

In the Medicine Wheel Concept Strength is a virtue of value in your foundation of principles. When you have strength it is easy to promote individual and collective greatness.

There are different types of strength such as those found in pride and integrity. There is physical strength. There is strength found in courage. There is strength of character. Strength of conviction. Even superhuman strength that comes with a rush of adrenalin.

Bring into play any combination of these and you will have what is termed in physics as a comprehensive strength. One that has the capacity to withstand stress – thus you gain strength from your experiences.

Strength is found in your dreams, passions, gifts and desires. In order to have the strength to achieve goals it is important to apply consistent action till each goal is completed.

Having the strength to face all things with kindness and compassion is a response mechanism you can learn. In addition to strengthening your relations it gives you a sense of self control. Looking for the strengths of others instead of weakness helps to strengthen self esteem between all parties involved.

Some people pray for strength. Others are grateful for the strengths they possess.

Strength often comes from reason, purpose and self esteem. There is great strength in productiveness, honesty and independence.

Spend some time today identifying your strengths.

If you are not sure what your strengths are ask those closest to you at home and at work.

Once you  identify your strengths note how you obtained them.

Next identify strengths that you admire in others. Begin to incorporate these strengths into your way of being.


Written on November 8, 2013 at 3:42 pm, by Leo Sawicki


Introspection is an important aspect of the Medicine Wheel Concept. It includes perceptions and reasoning which leads to greater understanding. It is  the act of examining your thoughts and feelings.

Reflect on experiences that have helped you grow. Ask yourself good questions, i.e.: ‘What was good about the situation?’  ‘What did I learn?’  ‘What will I do differently next time?’

Introspection leads to greater awareness which helps one to live more fully in the present. With introspection a person is able to make decisions for the good of all. Introspection can even lead you to seeing the silver lining in events and circumstances.

Positive self talk is required in order for introspection to be effective.  Rephrasing your responses in a positive manner makes life’s lessons easier to accept.

Think of your dreams and your goals and how far they have taken you.  Now think of what remains to be done to move forward one step at a time. Keep things simple so they can be achieved.

Introspection is an active thought process at a conscious level and is important in planning and decision making.

It provides qualitative data and quantitative results. The act of introspection helps in understanding the way you think.

With introspection you can think about something, see it unfolding as it should and imagine the end result. Visualization and meditation are part of the process.

Introspection helps you be more prepared for what comes your way.

At the end of each day make a commitment to spend time in introspection free of distractions and interruptions.  Identify what went well, what you will do better and what you will change.



Written on October 11, 2013 at 1:10 pm, by Leo Sawicki

Experience is a great teacher in the Medicine Wheel Concept.

Starting as a child everything you hear, taste, see, touch and smell you gain knowledge from. The more you experience life, the more you trust your intuition and make better choices.  As a result you are able to access the intuitive part of the mind.

There are two schools of thought when it comes to experience.

The first is the School of Hard Knocks which has a high price and is so uncomfortable you are forced to make a change.

The second school is the one that leads to graduate from College or University with applied thinking skills.

Both ways, experience is the teacher. The more you experience on your journey the greater your ability to expand your perspective of self and your place in the world.

As self confidence increases the next experience builds on the previous and with time one is able to master most situations and shift into a state of even greater possibilities.

Experience builds communication skills. You can gain knowledge from others experiences. You will learn a great deal by listening and watching.

Experience results in wisdom to know what to do and a greater understanding of how to approach and complete the task at hand. Experience helps a person to access multi-dimensional levels  that will help advance spiritually, emotionally and intellectually.

Experience helps you become better at keeping things simple. Experience is your guide and helps a person grow, stretch and aspire.

What things in life would you like to experience?

Make a “Things I Will Experience” list.

Explore ways of how you can begin to put your ideas into play.

Keep a journal or enter a blog to act as a catalyst that will keep you committed on following through on the things you would like to experience in this lifetime.




Written on September 8, 2013 at 11:14 am, by Leo Sawicki

You are in a constant state of renewal.

You eat, sleep, eliminate and begin anew.  Your heart pumps, blood flows and thoughts change.

Within the Medicine Wheel concept the act of renewal is recognizing the rhythm of life in which all things change.

 Just as the earth rests in the winter we journey to the looks within place and give thanks for the lessons learned.

Spring signals a time to plant seeds of abundance.

Summer is the time to nurture your thoughts and to watch them grow.

In autumn you will harvest all things you have planted.  If you planted love and forgiveness these are what you be rewarded with.

Renewal is an opportunity to apply your new knowledge and skills towards achieving your dreams.

 If you are going against the natural rhythm and  something you are doing is causing you pain this is a sign post for change.

 Perhaps it is time to renew your belief in the universe and to become child like again so you may see the beauty that surrounds you.

Perhaps you can renew your commitment to living a healthy lifestyle or to your dreams and goals.

When you pay attention to the things that make you happy your Spirit is renewed.  When you let go of the past your emotions are renewed.  When you accept life’s adversities with divine grace your intellect is renewed.  When you exercise and watch your nutrition your body is renewed.

Every day attention must be given to maintaining a balance in all areas of your life.

Make a list of areas in your life that will benefit from renewal.

Next design an agenda or routine around items on the list to ensure renewal is an on-going process in your world.


Written on August 1, 2013 at 10:01 am, by Leo Sawicki

Within the Medicine Wheel Concept, Purity is the  absence of contaminants and the ability to maintain a peaceful state of mind.

 In Quantum Physics purity ranges between unity  corresponding to a completely pure state and to a completely mixed state, or a balance.

 In Buddhism Purity is held to be the absence of shame, jealousy, embarrassment, remorse, distraction, anger and concealment of wrong doing.  These areas  are considered lower energy fields.

 Identify your dispositions and systematically eliminate negative traits one at a time.  Know that the purer the thought the greater the energy is required to sustain it.

It takes a constant effort to maintain your physical well being.  Be selective with what you put into your  system and allow into your environment .  Be selective with your thoughts.

 When you come from a loving place and only wish the best for all you cultivate a field of greater energy. Learn to hold kind thoughts and amazing things happen.

 The Medicine Wheel Concept is a guide for all  people who wish to  walk in balance.  The concepts are  simple, i.e. Respect  leads to growth. The only way to the centre is through truth and this takes time.  The process of cleansing opens a door for Purity.  Purity  requires strength of Spirit and character.

 Study ways you can entertain greater Purity in your thoughts. What ways can you become more creative and giving without expecting in return?

 Purity carries a higher energy field and protects you in many ways.

 Make a list of things you will do to move away from negativity and how you will maintain a path of pure intent that is present focused.



Written on July 5, 2013 at 3:14 am, by Leo Sawicki

Moving from the centre of the Medicine Wheel  Concept towards the North the stone of Cleansing requires consideration.

What things are you holding onto that can be let go? What beliefs no longer serve you?  In what ways can you lighten your load?

Take an internal inventory of what you would like to change.  Something as simple as releasing memories that no longer serve your well being will improve your emotional performance. Cleansing areas of your life (i.e. spiritual, emotional, physical, relations) greatly impacts the pace in which thought is able to manifest.

 A good place to start is in your environment and clearing your space. Here you will see immediate results. Look at what no longer fits, works or is broken then either repair it or give it away.  Your environment is a reflection of how you think.  When things are clean and orderly your Spirit is free to pursue areas of higher evolution.

 What areas of your emotional self will benefit from cleansing. Let go of the past and you may find a brighter future. Decide what you can do to serve as gentle reminders to maintain good practices.

 At a physical level what can you do to reduce and eliminate toxins from your body? What good habits can you replace your nutrition with? What new thoughts can you introduce?

 Look at your relationship with yourself and others.  Make a personal commitment to leave behind things that no longer work.

Cleansing is learning from something and moving on.  Make a list of all areas in your life that will benefit from cleansing.

Start with simple things like your car, your home,  your shoes,  your closet and your garage.  Once these are done move onto removing things that no longer work, are broken or require repair.

Highlight each one you address to gain a sense of accomplishment.