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April, 2019 - Stop in to Winnipeg Beach Northern Beauty Parlor and view Leo’s ‘A Day at the Beach Inspires the Soul’ Water Color Gallery and Greeting Cards. Discover Leo’s work in Heaven Scent, Shakti, Tergeson’s, Cheeky Leaf, Flow Yoga, Radiance, Whytewold Emporium, Sandstone, Penumbra Press, O's by the Sea, Starlet Spa and through Dempsey Distributing in BC.

May, 2019 - Check out Facebook Daily Postings from Happiness and the Fibonacci Principle. Catch up with Leo as she works on developing a ten-year operational plan for self-sufficiency for Indigenous Training and Employment.

June, 2019 - Look in and find the types of Management and Staff Development Services Leo provides and the type of workshops she facilitates. Listen in on Leo in a recording studio as she creates children’s audio books.

July, 2019 - Catch up with Leo from the 8 – 19th in Ebb and Flow First Nation where she is facilitating the Balanced Lifestyle program based on the Medicine Wheel Concept as a College Readiness Program.

August, 2019 - Follow Leo to Vancouver Island and Salt Spring Island where she facilitates personal development workshops based on The Inner Travel Guide and paints a West Coast Series for ‘A Day at the Beach Inspires the Soul’.

Follow Leo on her blog as she goes through the steps of achieving a personal and professional balance.

Leo Sawicki