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September 2018, Check in on the development of Happiness and the Fibonacci Principle Book, 371 Cards to Share with the World and Greeting Cards. Follow Leo to Victoria British Columbia and find out what she is up to.

October 2018, Locate Leo in Sandy Bay Ojibway First Nation facilitating the Balanced Lifestyle program based on the Medicine Wheel Concept for the 6th Pork Meat Processing Certificate Program. Check in on how ‘A Day at the Beach Inspires the Soul’ project is unfolding.

November 2018, Find Leo travelling between Portage la Prairie, Dauphin and Sandy Bay Ojibway First Nation as she facilitates Job Readiness Pre-employment training based on the Medicine Wheel Concept.

December 2018, Look in on Leo as she facilitates the Path Process and helps create a new Vision for Regional program development.

January 2019, Discover what Leo is doing in sustainable community development and how economic development factors into the picture.

Follow Leo on her blog as she goes through the steps of achieving a personal and professional balance.

Leo Sawicki