About Leo Sawicki

Leo began her career in Communication as an Office Manager for Native Communications Inc./NCI in Thompson, Manitoba in the 70’s. This led to incorporating a communication design studio in the 80’s and teaching Business Administration at Red River College. In the 90's Leo established a partnership in a seasonal luxury yacht charter service and was designated a federally certified educational institution that provided courses, other than courses designed for university credit and that furnish a person with skills for, or improve a persons skills in, a recognized occupation. By 2000 Leo’s interest in sustainable community development, along with experience in creating new systems, structures and programs, lead to her work as a Management Consultant and a Contemporary Communicator.


Leo F. Sawicki, Canadian Author, is co-recipient of two Paul, Phalen and Perry Communication Awards of Excellence, a contributing Author to the Manitoba Multicultural Anthology Series, and developer of Balanced Lifestyle based on the Medicine Wheel Concept. Other works include Anytime Stories, Anywhere Stories and Seekers of Dream Time with Penumbra Press. She has a Communications Degree from Red River College and is a graduate of Banff School of Management. To add to the mix, Leo is an accomplished Artist and has created a bold new line of motivational products including: Inner Travel Guide Medicine card deck based on the Medicine Wheel Concept, A Day at the Beach Inspires the Soul Greeting Cards, Everyone Walks Their Own Feather Greeting Cards, a series of Wisdom Greeting Cards and Happiness and the Fibonacci Principle Book, three sets of Message Cards and Greeting Cards. As a Contemporary Communicator Leo reaches a wide range of audiences through: workshops, seminars, one on one personal coaching and online support. In addition, Leo designs programs, licenses materials and trains facilitators for on-going community delivery.

As a Management Consultant, Leo's work with First Nation Communities, Tribal Councils, Boards and Managers began in 1978 and includes internal reviews, strategic planning, economic development, program development, policy and procedures, management and staff development.


Leos’ interest in Consciousness is fueled by being a student of Tradition and Culture and the Medicine Wheel Concept. Her work includes the study of Energy and Language which explores the realms of Thought, Spirituality and Creation. Her purpose is to facilitate knowledge that adds to the quality of life and the environment.

Leo operates from Winnipeg Beach in Manitoba, Canada, in the summer and winters in warmer climates where she works on new product development.

Her purpose is to facilitate knowledge that adds to the quality of life and raises the level of consciousness for all people.