Achieving a Balance

achieving a balance

In this workshop Leo guides you through a series of steps to achieve balance and provides simple tools to become CEO and Director of self.
Define your vision.

Conduct a personal inventory to see how well your wheel turns.
Expand your Knowledge

Create a New story based on high ideals and values.

Activate your self potential and know that the words you speak shape the outcome of your life and in turn affects future generations.

Make your life interesting and memorable.
Identify areas that require transformation.

Let go of limiting thoughts.
Process, remove and delete old systems.
Reprogram powerful images.

Live in the Moment.
Develop simple tools and techniques to maintain focus and move you in the direction you desire.

Adapt to Change.
Apply new understanding that opens doors of opportunity and self determination.

Elevate language.
Replace weak language with softer more powerful words.

Build physical Strength.
Establish new rules and expectations.

Develop good Relations.
Expand your circle of influence and emotional wellbeing.

Maintain Conscious Awareness.
Apply thought process.

Be open.
Enhance your life and evolve.

Monitor External Influences.
Be selective and directed.
Develop self leadership tools.

Commit to desired change.
Apply the tools.

Refine Belief Systems.
Take responsibility for creating a brilliant future.

Enhance Sense of Wellbeing.
Establish new rules and expectations.

Create Financial Stability.
Design the freedom to move between vision, lifestyle and goals.

Be of greater value.
Come from a place of purpose and fulfillment.

Develop Your Plan.
Know the direction you wish to travel and what you require to get there.

Maintain Shift in Consciousness.
Be spontaneous and willing, open and optimistic, focused and flexible.

Be a role model.
Show others the way.

As a result you will explore new frontiers and reach greater heights.

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