Balanced Lifestyle

balanced lifestyle book coverLEGEND states that long before written word, in order to maintain a sense of connection with the universe, our ancestors fashioned tools to remember by using objects in their environment.

These tools maintained their ability to live in harmony with nature. To this day, stories passed on through generations and cultures are filled with knowledge of our ability to balance all with respect to being human.

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Purpose of the Program

The Balanced Lifestyle program is an innovative, educational, self-facilitating program for personal growth, as well as human resource and community development.

Integrating a combination of whole brain and accelerated learning with contemporary delivery and traditional teachings, Balanced Lifestyle is based on the Medicine Wheel concept and proven principles of personal growth. It is a simple, self learning tool that facilitates change. The program goes beyond the standard educational memorization of what is expected and draws upon real life experience.

The program is designed for immediate on-going delivery by program administrators, educators, teachers, health care providers, counselors, child and family service
workers and those facilitating knowledge of self learning materials for personal growth. It is offered through in-house workshops in Canada, the United States and Mexico.

About the Program

Balanced Lifestyle delivery comes with the following resources for on-going delivery:

  • Leaders binder
  • Handouts
  • Activities
  • Pre-questionnaire
  • Post-questionnaire
  • Action plan
  • Facilitator summary report form
  • Participant program evaluation form
  • 144 page spiral bound participant workbook
  • Hoop
  • Cloth
  • 24 crystals
  • Stone chart
  • Medicine wheel video
  • Facilitator certificate.


What past participants have to say about Balanced Lifestyle:

“Nice and simple, exciting - a plan of action for individuals.”

D. Sisson, Mountain Institution, British Columbia


G. George, Ontario Native Education Counselling Association

“I simply found it incredible. I am impressed and would like to learn more.”

L. Stagg, Education Fisher River, Manitoba

“Balanced Lifestyle will help me to help others and should be with all people.”

G. Fern, NNADAP Board Member, Fond du Lac, Saskatchewan