Happiness and the Fibonacci Principle


HAPPINESS AND THE FIBONACCI PRINCIPLE 4H X 6W 196 PAGE BOOK  is based on Fibonacci's golden spiral, a series of numbers found by adding the numbers before it, i.e. 0,1,2,3,5,8,13.  In this case, the more blessings you share the more your energy field expands and builds on the previous output for the good of all.  
Book: 4" x 6", 194 pages perfect bound with spot varnish
Price: $20.58 plus applicable taxes

ISBN: 978-0-9698498-3-4 


Primary Consciousness, Planetary Consciousness and Universal Consciousness with 124 different cards per set to leave in random locations and share with the world.
Primary Consciousness: 124 card deck $23.80 per deck plus applicable taxes

Planetary Consciousness 124 card deck $23.80 per deck plus applicable taxes

Universal Consciousness 124 card deck $23.80 per deck plus applicable taxes

10 GREETING CARDS with different images and messages

Price: $4.99 ea

Inner Travel Guide

‘Inner Travel Guide’ is oxygen to the brain. Based on the Medicine Wheel Concept, the beautifully illustrated 37 card deck and booklet provides wisdom into natural laws of the universe that govern all people. The cards give insight into how to work with your thoughts and as a result create a life well lived. Combined, the 88-page guide and card deck provides guidance on how to build your own Medicine Wheel.

Card Deck: 37 rounded corner cards with gloss lamination 3.5” x 5.25”
Book: perfect bound 88-page book 3.5” x 5.25
Box: 5.5 x 3.75 x 0.75”
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Anytime Stories

Line drawings by Michael Robinson

A COLLECTION 0F TEN STORIES about Native children and their experiences. Many of the stories revolve around children learning to solve a problem or discovering their own resources in a time of difficulty.

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Anywhere Stories

artwork by Leo (Sweet Pea) Neilson

This new collection of short stories is drawn from many tribes, customs and ceremonies of the North American indian. The purpose of these stories is to heighten our consciousness of how they are told; to do this Leo Sawicki shows us their origins, their applications, and how audiences might relate to them.

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Balanced Lifestyle

Balanced Lifestyle is a handguide & working model for well being based on the medicine wheel concept.

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The Great Panda Mission

The Panda’s visit to Manitoba was an opportunity to introduce youth to what is happening in the world to animals in their natural habitant and what they can do to protect the environment. A coloring book entitled “The Great Panda Mission” proved a perfect format to put a message across. Outstanding illustrations by Linda D. Mullin captured the message and the imagination of the children.

Not Fakin It

Collaborating on an educational comic book through a community initiative under Health and Welfare Canada’s National Drug Strategy is another example of by-passing conventional classroom methods to address real-life circumstances. Working with a gifted artist such as Kenn White from Winnipeg Manitoba brought the underlying message of coping with an ever changing world and the characters in the book to life.

Seekers of Dreamtime

The purpose of these short stories are to create awareness of the environment and to be used as a tool for personal growth. They are written with an appreciation for the native ways of storytelling. Each story has an origin and an activity.